Linguini With Arugula, Golden Garlic And Red Bell Pepper


      4 oz linguini, uncooked
      2 ts olive oil
    1/4 c  julienne cut red bell pepper
      2 ts thinly sliced garlic
    1/4 ts salt
    1/8 ts crushed red pepper
      1 c  tightly packed arugula


1. Cook past according to directions, omitting salt and fat; drain
well, reserving 1/4 cup cooking liquid.

2. Heat oil in skillet over low heat; add bell pepper and next 3
ingredients. Stir occasionally. Cook 5 minutes.

3. Place arugula in a large bowl. Add reserved cooking liquid,
linguini, and bell pepper mixture. Toss well, serve warm.

Each serving provides: 173 calories
Each serving provides: 2 breads; 1/2 fat; 1 1/2 vegetables

Serves 3