Picture of rows of growing veggies

Produce Subscription Program

Frequency of Delivery:

Once per week

Delivery Days:

Mondays or Wednesdays

First Day of Delivery:

Wednesday June 7, 2023 or Monday June 12, 2023

Last Day of Delivery:

Wednesday October 4, 2023 or Monday October 9, 2023

Produce Provided:

Organically grown, non-certified
Enough for 2-4 people for 18 weeks
Produce Expected for the 2023 Season




Pickup Locations:

*3213 36th Ave. S. in Mt. Baker (Seattle)

*2306 N 46th St in Wallingford (Seattle)

*916 27th Ave in the Central Area (Seattle)


Sign-Up Information:

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Contact Martha Goodlett at 206-300-7768 or at lakecavanaughfarm@gmail.com